PistonPower Cartridge Amplifier

High pressure systems are a thing of the past – no more extensive engineering, high pressure components, or complex rules/regulations. PistonPower is moving the industry forward, integrating high pressure inside the cylinder and eliminating the need for high pressure installations.

Reduce cylinder cost and maximize productivity, by installing hydraulic cylinders with a PistonPower Cartridge Amplifier integrated

The cylinder integrated amplifier will amplify machine system pressure on spot, inside the cylinder to a desired level to optimized cylinder functionality on selected machine functions. With higher pressure inside the cylinder the cylinder diameter can be designed smaller without impacting cylinder force and stroke. In addition, the cylinder weight will be reduced and cylinder speed increased.

The PistonPower Cartridge Amplifier is integrated inside the cylinder and is smoothly and automatically activated when higher cylinder force is required during machine operation. 

Inside the cartridge amplifier, are load holding counter balance valves as well as relief valves which are customized and adjusted during cylinder assembly, to achieve the desired machine operation. 

“Inspired by the importance of a gearbox in a car, I got the idea of introducing automatic “gearshift” in standard hydraulic cylinders.

PistonPower is bringing my idea to market.”

Jørgen M. Clausen, Owner of PistonPower, Entrepreneur & Innovator.