We offer laser-based measurement and alignment systems from the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier Easy-Laser. Our engineers quickly and accurately perform measurements and align machines for assignments in all types of industries.

Applications for measurements

Straightness is a basic requirement
Straightness is measured daily in many industries. For example, members, rollers, pipes, machine ends, machine runners and conveyors. Straightness measurements are also carried out for bearing positions, in, for example, diesel engines. Straightness is often a basic requirement for a machine to function correctly and/or produce fault-free parts.

The checking of squareness is carried out in a large number of applications, such as machine tools, co-ordinate measurement machines and mechanical constructions.

Parallelism ensures product quality
Examples of parallelism measurement include mutual parallelism between rolls and other surfaces in papermaking machines, printing presses, rolling mills, etc. Other examples include overhead tracks, rails, press machine tables.

Flatness = straightness in two dimensions
Flatness measurement is carried out, for example, on machine tables, wire ends in papermaking machines, flanges and slewing bearings (circular planes), machine bases etc.

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