Pre-cut, high quality, stainless steel shims make alignment of your machines safer and easier. Choose one of our shim cases so that you always have the right shims close to hand.

  • Shims of all sizes – easy to use
  • Loose shims in packs of 10 – even special shims
  • Shims marked with thickness – quickly identifiable
  • Small, handy shim cases – easy to transport
  • Burr free shims – safe to handle

High quality stainless steel: EN100272 1.43105
Stiffness: RM 12001800Mp
Tolerance: DIN 17222/75




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Angular prism

Description: Angular prism with built-in Penta prism which deflects the beam 90°. With the rotatable angular prism, you can reach a detector at any height on a flange or a roll when measuring parallelism.

Compatibility: D,E


Description: For use with D22 and D46.

Compatibility: D,E

Sliding table for tripod

Description: For parallelism measurement of rolls. Includes Magnet base D45, Sliding bracket 12-0137, Sliding table 12-0202, 2 x Large target base line. Delivered in plastic case.

Compatibility: D,E

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