Twiflex disc brake systems, clutch couplings, locking devices, flexible couplings and shafts, TLB locking, braking systems, torque control products.

Twiflex is a global leader in innovative braking solutions. Moreover, the products are designed to provide years of reliable performance. Important to add, Twiflex encompasses the widest range of pneumatically-, hydraulically-, and mechanically-applied industrial disc brake calipers in the world. In addition, it provides full line of thrusters, disc brake systems, flexible couplings, and shafts clutch couplings.


Disc Brake Systems

Twiflex offers the following disc brake systems:

  • Complete brake packages
  • Direct acting caliper brakes
  • Spring applied caliper brakes

Clutch Couplings

Twiflex manufactures a range of torsionally flexible, rubber element couplings:

  • Air-start clutch
  • Flexi-clutch
  • Link clutch

Locking devices

  • Full range of locking forces available up to 500 kN
  • Axial and radial engagement as standard
  • Positive lever actuation which remains locked when engaged
  • Design offers a more cost effective and compact solution when holding is the only requirement for safety critical applications
  • Available as either base or face mount
  • All devices equipped with lock on/ lock off status sensors
  • Multiple devices used together will provide higher locking torques
  • High capacity, custom solutions on request

Flexible Couplings and Shafts

Twiflex provides the following couplings:

  • Layrub couplings
  • Multi-point couplings
  • Shaft arrangements

TLB Turning, Locking & Braking Systems

  • Turning Torques up to 454kNm speeds up to 2.6 rpm depending on configuration.
  • Braking torques up to 862 kNm based on the standard range.
  • Custom disc sizes available.
  • Wide range of proven brakes: spring applied or pressure applied, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Manual Turning and Locking available for power failure condition
  • Infinite positioning
  • Fixed speed in both directions (variable as an option)
  • Balanced load profile
  • Balanced braking
  • Quicker & safer stopping
  • Local and Remote operation to suit customer preference

Torque Control Products

Twiflex torque control products are divided in:

  • SE55 Torque Limiter Modules
  • UEP Torque Limiter Modules

BIBUS Baltics is the official distributor of Altra products (Wichita, Twiflex, Warner Electric, Stieber, Stromag). Should you have an inquiry, questions or comments, you are welcome to contact our engineers!

Twiflex, disc brake systems, clutch couplings, locking devices, flexible couplings and shafts, TLB locking, braking systems, torque control products

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