Warner Electric is a global market leader in electromagnetic clutch and brake technologies for demanding applications worldwide. Warner Electric offers the broadest selection of industrial clutches, brakes, controls and web tension systems available from a single manufacturer.

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The range of clutches makes up the following:

  • Basic design clutches
  • Clutch modules
  • Pneumatic/ Hydraulic clutches
  • PTO clutches
  • Shaft mounted clutches
  • Tooth clutches
  • Vehicular clutches
  • Wrap spring clutches


Warner offers numerous types of the highest quality brakes:

  • Basic design brakes
  • Brake modules
  • Caliper brakes
  • Centrifugal brakes
  • Fail-safe brakes
  • Motor brakes
  • Pneumatic/ Hydraulic brakes
  • Shaft - mounted brakes
  • Tooth brakes
  • Trailer brakes

Clutch brakes

Warner electric offers the following clutch brakes for your consideration:

  • Basic design clutch brakes
  • Clutch brake modules
  • Foot mounted clutch brakes
  • PTO clutches
  • Shaft-mounted clutch brakes
  • Wrap-spring clutches

Clutch/Brake Controls

The products include the following:

  • Adjustable Accel-Decel
  • Adjustable torque
  • On-off controls
  • Over excitation
  • Positioning controls
  • Tension controls
  • Wrap spring controls



The range underlies the following:

  • Encapsulated coils
  • Freestanding and Bobbin Wound Electromagnetic Coils

Sensors/ switches

Warner electric offers the following choice:

  • Sensors & safety switches
  • Sensors (WES)

Torque control products

Warner Electric offers 6 types of torque control products:

  • Capping clutches
  • Electromagnet tension
  • Magnetic particle
  • Permanent magnet & hysteresis
  • Sensing devices
  • Torque limiters

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