Stieber is a well-recognized global market leader for highly-engineered overrunning clutch technologies. The company holds more than 75 years of experience and is a global leader in the research, development and production of high-precision freewheels and backstops. Innovative engineering combined with advanced technologies allow Stieber to provide solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations and requirements.


Built-in freewheels

Built-in freewheels range encompasses various types:

Centrifugally Lift Off Sprags Freewheels

Centrifugally Lift Off Sprags Freewheels have various types:

Combined Bearing Freewheel Products

Combined Bearing Freewheel Products have three types:

Custom Specific Solutions

Stieber offers also Custom Specific Solutions for your individual applications.

Stieber realizes customer specific designs from minor modifications of a standard product up to tailor-made solutions in batch size one. Tailor-made solutions can be realized in a wide range of applications and can be more than a freewheel.

Application: Pump drive

Stainless steel backstop: The pump drive backstop is operating under water and prevents the pump from running backwards when the motor is turned off.

Stainless Steel Backstop

Application: Winch (Retrofit)

Torque limiter: If storm with significant wave height occurs there is the danger overloading the anchor chain and the winch gear. The torque limiter has to cut the peak loads.

Retrofit Torque Limiter

Application: Inclined conveyor (Retrofit)

Customized torque limiting Backstop: After a power increase of the drive the original installed backstop failed several times due to overload. This retrofitted backstop with special torque arm arrangement cuts the peak loads and allows a controlled rotation backwards with the hydraulic release functionality.

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