Stromag Industrial Disc Brakes

BIBUS Baltics offers Stromag couplings, clutches, brakes and limit switches that provide superior performance on a wide range of industrial applications in Baltics, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Stromag industrial disc brakes present convincing advantages in the form of large and unvarying braking torques, little maintenance and storage work, low space requirements, and very short, stable engaging times.

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Clutches & Brakes

Stromag provides the choice of the following clutches & brakes:

  • Multi-disc clutches (hydraulic, pneumatic, electric)

    - Dry Running Diaphragm Clutches KHM 800

    - Hydraulic Multi-Disc Clutch KMS....THC

    - Wet Running Multi-Disc Clutches KMS

    - Dry Running Multi-Disc Clutches KMK

  • Single-disc clutches (electric)
  • Multi-disc brakes (hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Spring-applied brakes (electric)
  • Friction discs

Service Brakes

BIBUS Baltics offers the following Stromag service brakes:

  • Thruster Drum Brakes (FNS-VS Drum Brakes, SAB Drum Brakes, SDB Drum Brakes)
  • Electromagnetic Service Brakes (Service brakes type 600, Range K/D, CA2 Range)
  • Thruster Disc Brakes (Service brakes type TDXB, Service brakes type FAV)
  • Hydraulic Service Brakes (Service brakes type T)

Emergency Brakes

Stromag distinguishes two types of emergency brakes:

  • Electromagnetic emergency brakes
  • Hydraulic emergency brakes

Wind Energy Brakes

Stromag wind energy brakes include:

  • Yaw brakes (CB 90 A, Stromag CB 120 A Strong, CB 120 A, CB 90 A Strong, BCH85A - BCH76A, FCHM 90A, FCHM 120A)
  • Rotor brakes (Low-speed, High-Speed)

Other products offered by Stromag

Besides clutches & brakes, Stromag also offers a variety of auxiliary products:

  • Hydraulic Power packs
  • Couplings
  • Power supply
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Controls
  • Discs & couplings
  • Drums
  • Buffers

BIBUS Baltics is the official distributor of Altra products (Wichita, Twiflex, Warner Electric, Stieber, Stromag). Do you have an inquiry, questions or comments? You are welcome to contact our engineers!

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