Regal Rexnord is a Premier Manufacturer with outstanding global brands. It has best-in-class technologies and it takes leading positions in diverse end markets. In fact, Regal Rexnord thoroughly engineers components and systems. As the result, they provide the essential control of equipment speed, torque, positioning, and other functions. That is why engineers use Regal Rexnord products in nearly any machine, process or application involving motion.

BIBUS Baltics offers the following Regal Rexnord products - Stieber, Warner Electric, Wichita Clutch, Stromag, Twiflex.

Технический директор/специалист

Ingars Polencs
Tel. +371 67 630 501

Инженер по продажам/мехатроника

Raivis Bukšs
Tel. Office phone: +371 67 630 501
Mob. +371 20 354 474