Equipment rent from Bibus Baltics

BIBUS Baltics offers equipment rent for the various needs of our customers. The rent includes the consultations, service and delivery/ transportation to the customer. Below you can observe the product range, the capabilities and the prices.

Easy-laser Shaft alignment system XT660

We offer to your service Easy-Laser® XT660 - Shaft alignment system.
The XT660 measuring unit uses dot laser technology, thus it is possible to measure larger machines and longer spans than line laser systems. It also provides higher accuracy when backlash in the coupling is present. Moreover, dot laser allows you to check more things when installing a machine, e.g. twist of foundation and bearing clearance.

The price: 150 euros per day + VAT

The featured programs below are the most common used with this system:

  • Horizontal machines
  • Vertical/flange mounted machines
  • Machine train (3 machines)
  • Soft foot check
  • Twist measurement
  • Values – digital dial indicators
  • Belt alignment*
  • Vibration analysis*

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Easy-laser Belt alignment system XT190

You can rent Easy-Laser® XT190 for the belt alignment of you machines.

The price: 80 euros per day + VAT

When aligning with the Easy-Laser® XT190 you reduce the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals, and you also get lower noise and vibration levels. The accuracy of the digital readout means that you can align within prescribed tolerances and rely on the result. Especially transmissions with two or more belts, or wide belts, are highly affected by misalignment, causing large differences in belt tensions and also increased wear and tear on edges.

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Argo-Hytos Oil service unit FAPC 016

You are welcome to rent oil service unit FAPC 016 for your machines.

The price: EUR 100 per day + VAT / + 1 filter EUR 115 + VAT

  • Easy filling and cleaning
  • Compact design, comfortable handling
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Option: with oil cleanliness monitor
  • Includes a particle counter that determines the cleanliness of the oil according to the ISO standards

With the FA 016, hydraulic and lubricating systems can be easily filled or cleaned with off-line filtration.

Stauff Hydraulic Tester PPC Pad

We offer the rent of the highest-performance unit of the PPC series by Stauff.

The price: EUR 150 per day + VAT

  • Portable multi-function hand-held measuring instrument
  • Pressure, temperature, flow and speed can be measured, monitored and analysed
  • Measurement and display of over 50 channels
  • Measured value display: numerical, bar graph, pointer, curve graph
  • Project templates can be saved and loaded
  • Interfaces: CAN, LAN, USB
  • Total memory with up to 1 billion measured values
  • Measured data can be (automatically) recorded, saved and analysed with the PPC-Soft-plus PC software and a LAN or Max. CAN bus length: 100 m / 328 ft
  • Calibration certificate on request (only for PPC-Pad-102/-103)

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