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BONNEL offers a wide range of control units, valve manifolds and accessories for decentralized sewage treatment plants.

Benefits for manufacturers when using the control units for decentralized sewage treatment:

  • Prove that your wastewater treatment plant is working well: Operating hours counter, alarm hours counter, pressure / current monitoring, mains failure alarm, service alarm.
  • Design more robust sewage treatment plants: No inaccurate manual valves, easier adoption to different site conditions, alarms.
  • Design more attractive sewage treatment plants: Beautiful “face” for your plant, “cool” technologies like SMS monitoring and operation.
  • Ease servicing: User guidance, clear text alarm messages, objective parameter setting, shorter servicing (no manual backwash).

Aquavisor® telemetry

Bonnel offers the service optimization and cost reduction of decentralized sewage treatment plants by remote monitoring and remote operation.

Aquavisor® is a scalable telemetry platform that can be adopted to your particular requirements and IT infrastructure.

  • Plant monitoring via 2G/4G or LoRa®/Sigfox®
  • Full remote control
  • Access via web browser
  • Error notification via e-mail
  • Different access levels to the plant data

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SBR control units

BONNEL offers a wide range of control units for SBR sewage treatment plants for both, submersible-pump operated plants and plants using airlifts. From the low-budget Sequetrol® compact LED up to the powerful Sequetrol® IoT with graphical LCD, Wi-Fi, integrated webserver and GSM - all SBR applications should be covered.

All SBR control units can handle Eco- and Normal modes, most of the control units support water level measurement by pressure sensing, so a float switch is not necessary anymore.

The Sequetrol® control units are easy to program, programming can be done by yourself or BONNEL can support you.

Series include:

SBR control units with integrated valves

The BonBloc® series control units for decentralized sewage treatment plants meet the following customer requirements:

  • enhance cost efficiency - integrated design
  • BonBloc® = (control unit + valves + water level sensing) in one unit
  • reduce noise and energy consumption - stepper motor valves
  • ease installation - easy to install due to an intelligent mounting

It stands out due to its cost-efficient integration of the control and the valve unit. As a result of the complete abandonment of solenoid valves, the energy consumption of the valve unit was reduced by 95% compared to units using standard valves. 

The BonBloc® control units, especially the BonBloc® compact, are easy to program, programming can be done by yourself or we can support you.

Series include:


CR/MBBR control units

Control units for continuous reactor wastewater treatment plants or moving-bed bio-reactors require a different control process than control units for SBR wastewater treatment plants. The timing of the particular outputs is independent, not in steps, and a synchronization with the daytime is mostly required.

Therefore, BONNEL has developed the Sequetrol® easy and the Sequetrol® starter CR / MBBR control units.

While the Sequetrol® easy is been used by our customers up to plants for 250 Inhabitant Equivalents, the Sequetrol® starter was designed as highly flexible control unit with focus on an outstanding price performance ratio.

Series include:


Control cabinets - ready to use

BONNEL control cabinets customized and tailormade:

  • For SBR or continuous wastewater treatment plants
  • For big (e.g. 2000 PE) or small (e.g. 4 PE) sewage treatment plants
  • Metal (powder coated), fiber-reinforced plastic material or low-cost plastic material
  • With or without valves, breakers, motor protection, auxiliary relay switch, alarm beacon, etc.
  • Sample configuration with details as specified by the customer

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Valve units with stepper motors

Stepper motors consume energy only during opening or closing of the valve, therefore saving 95% of energy when compared to conventional valves. That is about 90kWh per year or 15€, and the trend is rising.

In addition, due to the smoother and slower movement our valves are much quieter than solenoid actuated valves.



  • BonFlash strobe beacon: These handy alarm beacons can be powered out of the rechargeable batteries of our control units for decentralized sewage treatment plants. Like this you have an alarm at mains failure and do not have to care about recharging batteries. Versions with batteries and rechargeable batteries inside the control unit are available, as well.
  • BonRelay contactor relay: Used to connect higher loads to the outputs of our control units for wastewater treatment plants.
  • Memory keys to transfer software, electronic operating books and event logs to / from our Sequetrol® control unit for decentralized wastewater treatment.

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