PVG 32 proportional valves - the highest accuracy of the performance!

Danfoss PVG 32 is considered to be one of the most utilized products among the proportional valves in the oil distributor segment throughout several decades of operational experience.
It has the highest smoothness and the degree of proportionality, therefore the performance of the equipment where PVG is installed is precise and accurate.


Characteristics & functions

  • The PVG 32 is found on the crane manipulators such as Palfinger, HMF, HIAB and various other world leaders that manufacture crane manipulators and similar equipment.
  • It is is just like the brick constructor! It consists of sections and you can add or remove particular sections to therefore add or remove required functions.
  • The distributor is equipped with all the modern functions and technologies, and it meets the highest safety requirements. It can be controlled hydraulically, electrically, mechanically, with analog control or with digital signals.
  • Due to its compact design, The PVG 32 distributor can be integrated into an existing hydraulic system or into a completely new one.

OEM and machine benefits

The PVG family of valves allows you to combine multiple valves of up to four different sizes into a single,
fully integrated solution with the widest flow range on the market, to achieve the results and efficiencies
your applications demand.

  • Modular design, providing a wide range of configuration possibilities
  • Load-independent flow control for precise operation and improved productivity
  • Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system life

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