PLUS+1® remote controls

Danfoss PLUS+1® remote controls symbolize the newest technology of human-machine interface. Through radio technology, the operator is kept at a safe distance while also improving productivity. Danfoss user friendly programming tools and plug and play systems ensure a fast customization and commissioning. Danfoss remote controls are robust, ergonomic and safe.

The product range includes:

Transmitters - Danfoss offers an extensive range of transmitter models to adapt to every situation including Ikontrol family, New handheld transmitters and TM70 handheld  transmitters.

Receivers - Danfoss Flexible, powerful and functional remote control receivers. In a radio remote control system, the receiver is the element that is hard-wired to the machine, receiving the transmitter´s information and outputting control signals. Distinguished are R family receivers and MP family receivers.


PLUS+1® displays

Monitoring, control and diagnostics

Danfoss displays provide a customized all-in-one overview of your vehicle’s CAN-based network. Exactly what operators need for continuous monitoring, control and diagnostics. Many possibilities are available with Danfoss PLUS+1® programmable displays − from plug and play to customized operator interfaces with optional external camera.

The product range includes:

PLUS+1® joysticks and pedals

Comfortable operation

Danfoss enables endless joystick configuration possibilities and ergonomic designs perform smooth and comfortable operation of your light or heavy-duty vehicles. Danfoss PLUS+1® Compliant foot pedals provide robust solutions for controlling vehicles in harsh mobile equipment environments.

The product range includes:

PLUS+1® operator interfaces

Operator ergonomics and machine modernization

Danfoss Human Machine Interface (HMI) CAN-based devices, such as HMR (Human Machine, CAN Rotary) and HMC (Human Machine, CAN Control), combine ergonomic, modern and rugged into compact solutions for both open and enclosed cabs.

The product range includes:

PLUS+1® controllers

Intelligent vehicle control

Danfoss PLUS+1® controllers are the brains behind intelligent vehicle control. Thanks to their rugged design, they’ll withstand the toughest conditions your vehicle comes up against. Programming Danfoss controllers requires minimum effort with Danfoss easy-to-learn PLUS+1® GUIDE software.

The product range includes:

PLUS+1® sensors

Compliance support

Danfoss temperature or pressure-detecting sensors link your machine functions to the control system. PLUS+1® Compliance supports easy integration. Many of the Danfoss sensors in a broad range are PLUS+1® Compliant. Contributing to precision control systems on all kinds of mobile application.

The product range includes:

  • Heavy-duty pressure transmitter
  • Temperature sensors
  • SASA steering sensor

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