Stauff Diagtronics product range includes devices and equipment for measuring, testing, display and analysis that can be used by system operators, maintenance personnel and repair technicians who then can determine and monitor the essential parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics: operating pressure, maximum pressure, differential pressure, system temperature, volume flow, contamination and even more.

Below you can see the full product range.

Hydraulic Testers PPC-Pad

The PPC Pad is the highest-performance unit of the PPC series. This portable multi-function hand-held measuring instrument has been especially developed for the increasing fluid technology requirements. STAUFF‘s CAN bus sensors take advantage of the bus system‘s automatic sensor recognition to provide an easy-to-install Plug & Play solution. The measured values can be displayed in various presentation styles and make effective solutions-orientated analysis possible.




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Hydraulic Testers PPC-04-plus / PPC-04-plus-CAN

The PPC-04-plus and PPC-04-plus-CAN Hydraulic Testers have been developed for the growing demands in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. They are perfectly suited for the precise determination of pressure, temperature, volume flow and rotational speed.

▪ CAN version
▪ With CAN interface, max three digital sensors can be connected at the same time
▪ Max. CAN bus length: 50 m / 164 ft

▪ Analogue version
▪ Max. two analogue sensors can be connected at the same time

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Hydraulic Testers PPC-06/08-plus

The PPC-06/08-plus Hydraulic Testers have been especially developed for the growing demands of system monitoring and troubleshooting in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • PPC-06-plus
    With 3 sensor inputs
  • PPC-08-plus
    With 4 sensor inputs


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Pressure gauges

  • Digital Pressure Gauges and AccessoriesSPG-DIGI and SPG-DIGI-USB
    The STAUFF SPG-DIGI digital pressure gauges are designed for digital measurement and display of pressure in hydraulic systems, especially for oils, lubricants and water. Current measured values as well as min and max values can be displayed with a precision of 0.5% of the full scale value.
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  • Analogue Pressure Gauges and Accessories SPG
    The pressure gauges can be used as both stationary or portable devices. STAUFF addresses the very extensive width of possible system pressures and the strict requirements for precision with a variety of pressure gauge types with different measuring ranges.

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