Directional Control Valves

The Argo-Hytos directional control valves enable flow direction control of fluid in a hydraulic circuit and both control of the direction of movement or (shutting off) stopping of their appliances. In addition to solenoid operated valves, valves are also operated mechanically by lever or cam, hydraulically or pneumatically. Pilot operated directional control valves are designed to achieve a high flow rate of up to 600 l / min. Poppet type valves are known for their extremely low internal volume loss.

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Check Valves

The Argo-Hytos check valves enable flow of the fluid in one direction only. They often protect the pump from a backflow of fluid caused by the load on the appliance. Control of the check valve ensures the position of the load when the pressure source is switched off. Logic valves connect circuit branches depending on the pressure range.

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Pressure Control Valves

The Argo-Hytos pressure control valves enable the regulation of system pressure to adjust the force on a hydraulic piston rod or the torque on a hydraulic motor shaft. Pressure relief valves are used to set the maximum pressure in the circuit and protect it from overloading. Pressure reducing valves permanently maintain the output pressure at the set value while protecting the appliance from overloading. Unloading valves are designed for economy of pressure control in accumulator-operated circuits that serve as a power source for emergency control.

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Flow Control Valves

Argo-Hytos throttle valves enable the flow rate to be adjusted, and thus the piston rod speed or the shaft speed of a hydraulic motor by varying the flow cross-section. Valves with pressure drop stabilization maintain a set flow independent on the change in external load on the appliance.

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Motion Control Valves

The Argo-Hytos motion control valves enable the safe regulation of load movement in the event of a negative load force accelerating the movement of the mechanism, e.g when the load is started using lifting devices, winches and so on.

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Proportional Valves

The Argo-Hytos proportional valves enable continuous combined control of flow or pressure. The valve includes an electronic control unit mounted into the valve housing or separately in an electrical cabinet. Pressure scales stabilize the pressure drop in proportional directional control valves to ensure the independent control of the load. The Proportional directional control valve PRM-9 series can be connected to the CAN-bus.

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